Someone who hacks using someone elses tools, with little or no knowledge on how they work.
DownSyndrom3: Stfu, scriptkiddie."
by DownSyndrom3 April 14, 2006
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A person who downloads exploits, but does not understand or respect them.
That's just a script kiddie using Denial Of Service attacks against my shell again.
by Keith Jesus Wilcox November 01, 2001
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Some spotty n00b who uses crap like Sub7 and thinks he's a legend.

These people need a good slap, and give professional crackers and programmers a bad name.

Despite what you may hear, good crackers don't often get caught. The people that get caught are dipshit n00bs who don't know enough about what they are doing to cover their tracks.

These people make me sick.
"I PWNED j00"
"shut up before i shut you up, you iliterate moron"
by Jack July 16, 2004
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An idiot 12 year old kid with no social life that runs around in a Jedi outfit and uses some prewritten programs to h4xx0r his school, gets caught printing shit on their network, and is rudely awakened to the fact that this is what he is and he is not under any circumstance a real hacker/cracker at all and should die a horrible flaming death. If you want to meet some script kiddies go to www.illegalworld.com and look in their forum, the whole place is full of em. If your a script kiddie and want to see what real hackers do www.phrack.org is a good place to start.
Wmuhahahahaha now I have all A's in Engrish! WTF? THEY CATCHED MEE?!>!>!:"L"LJ!@:L?????? -dies a horrible flaming death-
by -=-X-=- August 09, 2004
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A wanker who thinks they know something about computers, but if you ask them where the CPU is on a motherboard, they will more than likely point to the GPU on their graphics card. Someone who think they are so "H4X". An idiot who speaks that retarded and illiterate "l33t speak".
"Oh I am such a l33t h4x0r."
by malkavier October 03, 2004
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a wannabe hacker who doesn't know any programming, doesn't read/analyze source code and scours the internet trying to find password crackers, denial of service programs, ping attacking programs, etc. so they can brag to their stoned friends how they've 'hacked' someone.
Damn script kiddiez, clicking the f****** 'Attack' button on a hacking program so he can call hisself a l3337 h4><0|2
by unfit June 18, 2004
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Usually lonewolves (er...lonepuppies), script kiddies 'h4x0r j00' using no knowledge of their own. Though they generally use their 'skills' *cough* for bad, they're not much to fear.
by Boochies August 27, 2003
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