Farm talk for diarrea, specifically cattle.
That baby calf has the scours.
by kdot March 8, 2008
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1) To effectively coat the toilet bowl and underside of a porcelain seat with an excessive amount of liquid fecal matter.

2) To effectively coat any surface or object with an excessive amount of liquid fecal matter.
Boy, I sure hope I don't scour the bowl after eating all those wings!

Holy shit, someone scoured the bowl!

Wow, what a great scour!
by Cletus T Hall Jr January 27, 2009
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verb, pirates' equivalent for "to search"
Cap'n Arraw: "what be you goin' t' do?"
Parrot: "I'm goin' to scour fer mateys!"
by Pan_Miroslav April 4, 2014
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travellers /pikies way of saying shit. mostly used to insult ppl
jim-davie get up here u scoury shite?

davie- cunt off jim u conyas shite
by joe joyce January 22, 2016
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In reference to Jim's persistant tracking of Neil Young.
by Champ September 16, 2003
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To intensively search the Internet by means of search engines and social media.
by Renzohouston October 29, 2015
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When a man uses his urine to clean any smears or debris from the inside of the toilet bowl.
Roommate: Sorry dude, I left some shit smears in the toilet bowl.
Guy: Don't worry about it, I'll do a stand and scour.
by uschris September 27, 2009
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