Textual content that's written
and formatted to work on a computer screen or E-reader
"The problem, then, isn't that screens aren't sharp enough to read novels off of. The problem is that novels aren't screeny enough to warrant protracted, regular reading on screens. "

Cory Doctorow, in an article titled "You Do Like Reading Off a Computer Screen" -- (Locus Magazine, March 2007)
by PRwiz101 July 23, 2009
When someone, most commonly a teenage girl, takes a screenshot either

a) accidentally, meaning to take a selfie
b) attempts to wow his/her facebook followers with quality photos of such games as Minecraft
OMG James I was so embarrassed the other day- I spent ages building up to this selfie I was gonna take and then posted images of myself playing WoW on Facebook- such a bad time for a screenie!

Did you see my amazing screenie the other day? Man, I was pwning that ender dragon so hard.......
by Tarhellian February 18, 2014
Being envious of the size and/or resolution of someone else's computer monitor, television, cell phone, digital camera or handheld video game console screen size.
Dude, I just bought this new 17" with 1024x768 resolution, but I got total screenis envy when I saw the new Apple 30" cinema display with 2560x1600 resolution.
by Ahren S. May 20, 2006
Smart phone screen size comparison between Apple and Samsung devices.
Guy 1: Hey guys, I just bought the new Samsung GS3.
Guy 2: And I just bought the new iPhone 5...but jeepers, your screen is so much larger that I have screenis envy comparing the two.
by AnOldGuy2 December 23, 2012
The Screen Penis is a rather odd specimin that appears on screens all over the place, from computer screens, to TV screens and even mobile phone screens, certain sightings of Screenis have resulted in death.
'OMG! Look it's the Screen Penis (Screenis)!'
by Screenis Creator April 9, 2008
A person who is unable to focus on surrounding stimuli as they are constantly transfixed by a screen, usually a phone.
That guy is such a screeny, he hasn't looked up from his phone for at least an hour.
by TheMightyGoose October 16, 2018
Screenshot, typically with a YouTuber/Influencer in an online game.
by December 5, 2020