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A short term for a "screen shot," a picture one takes of something on a computer screen.
I don't know what window you're talking about. Can you send me a screenie?
by The Grammar Nazi August 19, 2004
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A Screenie or Screeny means "Screen Shot". As in a digital photo of your computer desktop.
Hey, can you take a screenie of that wicked graphic for the next wall post?
by genkins January 29, 2010
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When someone, most commonly a teenage girl, takes a screenshot either

a) accidentally, meaning to take a selfie
b) attempts to wow his/her facebook followers with quality photos of such games as Minecraft
OMG James I was so embarrassed the other day- I spent ages building up to this selfie I was gonna take and then posted images of myself playing WoW on Facebook- such a bad time for a screenie!

Did you see my amazing screenie the other day? Man, I was pwning that ender dragon so hard.......
by Tarhellian February 18, 2014
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