An expression of mild surprise or shock from '60s-'70s. Popularized by cartoon character Velma of the '70s children's show Scooby-Doo. Rarely used today, except in an ironic fashion. A very wholesome word.

"Jeepers! You sure surprised me!" Claire exclaimed, then laughed along with her friends at the silly anachronism.
by Estoy En Su Punta January 23, 2006
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Oldschool Word For Excitement. Similar in use to "golly" and "gee willikers"
Jeepers, thats a large box of ants!
by Gmc14 (Dooshsta) April 1, 2003
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Wow, that was so awsome, i was okay with all of that, yippee!!!!!
Jeepers, thanx for the handjob!!!!!
by dantethegaypinkie May 7, 2008
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a nick-name often given to jeep drivers, particularly CJ's, and wranglers.
I drive a Jeep, therefor I am A Jeeper.
by Wehan December 24, 2005
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Someone who stands around taking pictures of their Jeep flexing on dirt piles with all three light bars turned on talking about their new Jeep Wave Sticker while more Jeepers are standing around and talking about their new Angry Grill while they wait on their one friend who has testicles to swap out a busted d30 stub shaft the last poser broke backing off said dirt pile while waving at each other every time they make eye contact.
You should quit being a lame Jeeper and sell those light bars and get a set of lockers and learn how to wheel
by Not a Jeeper July 19, 2015
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a nick-name often given to jeeps, particulary CJ's, and wranglers. Although it may be used to identify any jeep.
Look at the big Jeeper stuck in the mudhole
by f0rdbr0nc0351 April 28, 2005
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An expression of mild surprise or shock
Jeepers, Elliot. It's just chili, you donk!
by Phanlogical December 19, 2016
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