A shortened word for Screen Shots.
Hey dude, did you see those screenies I showed you?!
by Bobby B-Ball June 7, 2006
A short term for a "screen shot," a picture one takes of something on a computer screen.
I don't know what window you're talking about. Can you send me a screenie?
by The Grammar Nazi August 19, 2004
A Screenie or Screeny means "Screen Shot". As in a digital photo of your computer desktop.
Hey, can you take a screenie of that wicked graphic for the next wall post?
by genkins January 29, 2010
BadBoyHalo always does that in minecraft monday.
BadBoyHalo: OOOH! I want a screenie with those guys!
by skephaloshipper August 12, 2019
the unidentified area between the scrotum and the penis
lick my screenis
by eddy climaxx July 23, 2003
Example 1) "Hey Grayson send me the screenies after you text your girl Stephanie"

Example 2) Person A "Homie, you said we we meeting at 8"
Person B "No I didn't"
Person A "Yes you did, I have a screenie"
"Person B "Gosh darnit"
by Mrs Saturday August 28, 2018