a teenager who loves to watch the small screen in front of him/her.
John is a screenager who does nothing but play computer games and watches TV, it's little wonder that he failed his exams.
by [boo-boo] July 1, 2003
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A teenager who spends the majority of his/her time in front of the computer, usually surfing the net.
Mom No. 1: "I can never get my screenagers to go play outside."
Mom No. 2: "You think that's bad? My screens are 20 pounds overweight and have damaged retinas thanks to all the time they spend on Second Life. Screenagers these days!"
by Raindogg April 30, 2008
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A teenage actor or actress. Often with an egotistic attitude caused by their newfound celebrity.
Upon returning to school, the screenager was even more popular than before the film shoot.
by Dr. Demonic October 10, 2005
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Fritz Laibe is an example of a screenager. A screenager is a teenager who is addicted to their telephone.
Bro you know Fritz? Yeah man! He’s hella screenager bro always on his phone and shit!
by Tomatillo-bro March 13, 2022
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