1. Genre in music that is a hybrid of emo rock and hardcore.
2. New subcult that is a mix of emo and scene. The music is screamo and emo, but the appearance and characteristics are closer to scene. Screamos are also Myspace whores, and yes, the guys are a bunch of metros.
1. Hawthorne Heights, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, etc.
2. Screamo kid: Hi, I'm a screamo kid!
Kid: Who?
Screamo kid: Screamo kid!
Kid: You mean emo?
Screamo kid: No!
Kid: You mean scenester?
Screamo: NO!!!!
Kid: Uhh...
Screamo: We're new. Not very common 'round these parts. *looks around*
Kid: Yeah, I can tell...
by omgitschinatown April 17, 2006
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The result of people thinking that emo could not get any worse. Screamo bands are emo bands who cant sing, so they decide to scream instead. While there are maybe four or five indie emo bands who are really musically talented (though they're lyrics still suck), screamo is a stigmatic title that pisses off even regular emos and makes screamo bands sadder, thus they continue to scream..o (sorry).
Man, Hawthorne Hights should have their screamo asses taken to the town square, where they should be burned at the stake for all to see.
by Alex Remnick November 25, 2005
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a type of harsher emo music with screaming in it and stuff. Many times it gets confused with metal, death metal, melodic metalcore, hardcore punk, or any music with harsh vocals in it. Often confused by it's older fans as a punk style, when real hardcore punk is actually Minor Threat, Black Flag and Agnostic Front, it's more of a subgenre of emo, which derived from punk. If emo was punk, then MCR's first album was punk. Because believe me, their first album actually did sound A LOT like old school emo and had some hardcore influence. But I wouldn't call it punk. I think punk is more rebellious and is like Ramones and Sex Pistols and 4 skins and emo is short for emotional hardcore (despite sunny day real estate gave it a softer sound and remade it). It was influenced by hardcore, it was raw a lot and had screaming or speaking in it. Vocals often sounded very emotional but sometimes a little disturbed sometimes. At first it was pioneered by Pg 99. Early bands were Pg 99, Saetia, Heroin, Orchid and I Hate Myself. Today it's more of bands are I Would set myself on fire for you, Alexisonfire, thursday, funeral for a friend and the saddest landscape. Some newer bands sound a little less harsh and do less screams than older screamo. The reason why screamo isn't hardcore punk is because it doesn't sound ANYTHING like black flag or agnostic front or even bad brains.
Screamo bands: I Would Set Myself on Fire for You, Alexisonfire, Thursday, Funeral for a Friend, Pg 99, the used, orchid, saetia, saddest landscape
by e9d8e2yh9d8yd92 June 30, 2013
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A genre of music that is a mix of screaming and singing. It is greatly admired by emo kids, rockers, goths, scene kids etc.
"WOAHWOAHWOAH Have you heard that new screamo band???"
by Shock Horror November 17, 2005
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pussy hardcore used to get little girls to sing along as people like story of the year scream one or two lines of a song and call themselves hardcore

hahaha that band story of the year is screamo they suck my ass
by Garrett April 12, 2005
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A reckless mix of hardcore and emo
I can feel so emotional(about to cry)
Then have a silent scream after
by Frodo February 26, 2005
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Screamo is a relatively new name for a style of music that's been out sinse the 90's, maybe the 80's. The need for this comes from the cashing in on this genre. Emo has been out since the early 80's (dagnasty, embrace, rites of spring)but it was never labeled that until it hit popularity in the malls. Same with Screamo. Screamo is a hybrid of Hardcore music and Emo. It's Youth of Today + Sunny Day Real Estate. It's characterized by aggressive hardcore or metal riffs with soft melodies and breakdowns woven in between. The stereotypical person that listens to this type of music is the kids who like hardcore music but have that soft side. They're typically very religious, practice straight edge lifestyles and let their surpressed anxieties out through this music. They're too tough for Dashboard yet too soft for Cannibal Corpse. Their stereotypical appearance is also evident of this fusion. The black clothing, brass knuckles, guerrilla bandana, bullet belts and chains adhere to the hard side while the long hair, make-up, pink and white highlights (in the hair and the clothes) represent the soft side. To me, this is just teenage confusion. Although the music was developed from truer roots. These screamo kids are leftover fans of Marilyn Manson, Korn, and other scary crap-metal bands of the late 90's early 2000's. The thing that really gets me about this genre is how so very stereotypical and shallow it is. The music is very much teh same, as well as the wardrobe, and even the manorism of both the audience as well as the performers. I must say, if you've seen one band, you've seen them all.
Atreyeu, Saosin, everyband that where's tight black clothes, has a blonde streak in their hair, plays at church functions, plays in drop d tuning with the guitar strap very short...just flip through the latest AP magazine. Sorry to all of you post hardcore fans of the 90's, face it. Screamo is a term coined by mall america to label this new epidemic but rest assured it will be over soon and we wont remember any of it.
by trashdigger December 03, 2005
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