It's the showing of real pain in an angry screaming way. You can't say a band is screamo just because they scream a lot along the song. This kind of sing is always involved with the emo genre. Like: Melodic Metalcore, Metalcore, Emo-core, Post-Hardcore, Fashionxcore, Metal Punk, etc...

Don't get confused with the Metal bands that tend to scream a lot, is just because they're claiming satan. Emo-Screamo is NOT satanic, and emos don't even have religions because we do NOT believe in anything, if it were like that, we would not wish to die.
Screamo: The vocalist who screams is always singing with a slow vocal singer, one after another or both at the same time. They just try to show the pain for us to identify ourselves with the song themes involved.

Example: Underoath, Alesana, Atreyu, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Emarosa, Emery, Emmure, blessthefall, Static Lullaby, Chiodos, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Alexisonfire, A Day To Remember, Eyes Set To Kill, From First To Last, Mighty Moshin Emo Rangers, etc...
by xXPunky DollXx September 14, 2009
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Screamo is a genre of music that comes from a Heavy Metal backround with Emo lyrics.
The word 'Screamo' is a type of vocal skill that is different to singing because you use your lungs and actauly 'Screaming' insted of singing.
Screamo is a new genre of music that has mainly been around sence 1990 onwards.
Screamo is a very hard type of vocals due to using your lungs and needing to breathe in and out at the same time, The problem is with Screamo is that it really damages your vocal chords and voicebox and can give you bad problems.
Some Screamo bands are different to others for example :
BrokenCyde has a hip-hop beat background but intense high pitch Screamo vocals
Bullet For My Valentine are a band with strong guitar riffs and a deep pitch Screamo with back up vocals, this band has normal singing vocals in aswell as Screamo vocals.
Bands such as Bring Me The Horizon (who happen to be my favorite band!) are Screamo all the way through with different pitchs of Screamo, They can be high pitch and low pitch.
The lyrics in these bands are mostly Emo and dark but bands such as BrokenCyde are Hip-hop happy Screamo and YouMeAtSix being an Indie type band with Minor Screamo vocals.

Oli Sykes the Lead Singer of Bring Me The Horizon.
Matt Tuck the Lead Singer of Bullet For My Valentine.
Oli Sykes has also been in a Hip-Hop rap group named 'Womb 2 Da Tomb' in his early days before becoming a Emo Screamo vocalist with his own fashon line titled 'Drop Dead Clothing'

To summerise 'Screamo' a genre of music with vocals in a screaming shouting style with a heavy guitar and drums.
Vocalist : Ahh my throat is killing me from all that screaming ive been doing in my band.

Friend : Hay we can come back to mine and have a drink and listen to some Screamo music insted of hurting your throat screaming all the time.

Vocalist : Okay sounds good to me, i need to rest more and not talk for a while.
by Deckdog007 July 04, 2009
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Simply stated, an evolved emo. When they get mad from being called emos try calling them eamos, pronounced the same but its a different word so they cant get mad
The emos hate the screamos because they haven't evolved yet.
by Brendan W September 11, 2005
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A style of music that involves screaming/yelling hence the name "screamo."
Jake: Did you hear the new screamo band Silverstein?
Rich: Yeah I went to their show on Friday. Shane has an awsome scream.
by x_____R A C H E L ! July 05, 2006
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A TERM used to define ANY TYPE OF MUSIC with screaming in it. Screamo can be metalcore, metal, post-hardcore, even fucking brokeNCYDE (VERY shit band) could be considered 'screamo', because it has screaming in it. screamo is not an actual genre, it's a label to define music with screaming in it.
Ignorant dude: Dude, that band, alesana, is totaly screamo.
Normal guy: dude, they're totaly post hardcore, screamo means music with screaming in it.
Ignorant dude: so what is August Burns Red, then?
Normal guy: Metalcore.
Not Ignoant anymore guy: Ohhhh, it all makes sense now...
by LOL, IT'S LOGAN May 01, 2009
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A form of emo pioneered by The Used and Finch. Combines emotional music with large amounts of screaming to produce an enjoyable form of music, growing very popular.
Man, we need a all screamo radio station!

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "even though this is based on opinion, my friends and i disagree. its hard to put what screamo is into words but think of it in a solid,liquid, gas form. I dont think of screamo having major punk ingredients. screamo is a sublime substance. it goes from hardcore (solid) to emo (gas), an offshoot of punk but different, without ever being a liquid. i dont think screamo is is punk and finch is not screamo. finch screams but they are punk. just good ol emo punk. actually, i dont even know if they should be called emo. they are a totally different brand from bands like the get up kids, dashboard confessional, sunny day real estate. without being emo how can you be screamo? and by the way. the used are stupid and i cant stand that people compare them to my favorite band, thursday. what have the used done? absolutely nothing. i am a big screamo and emoxcore fan."
by Ebola February 22, 2003
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