real screamo is not finch and the used and thursday and all this light-weight crap we have today. true screamo is much much more than just music,it is a lifestyle and a personal connection. todays so called "screamo" bands suck. just because their little bitch asses scream 5 words in a song doesnt make them a bona-fide screamo band. I like to call them "gay". anyway... sceamo pretty much died in the 90s. the scene is over but some try to live it out. if you like finch and thursday and all that... dont claim to be a screamo kid... it makes people like me want to beat your stupid ass. those bands are emo anyway. If you dont know what it truly is than shut up.
joshua fit for battle, orchid, SAETIA!!!!!!!!, funeral diner, superstitions of the sky, hot cross, now, makara, neil perry, you and i, get fucked, shikari, City of Caterpillar, pg 99, pretty much anything on Level-Plane Records.
by Austin Snyder February 24, 2005
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Worst attempt at anything that could be called music. Incorporates good guitarist, bassist, and precussionist (drummer) with shitty whiny vocals. No one cares that you complain about how bad your life supposedly is. See the poor people all around the world? Do you see them making poor excuses for "music"?
Screamo is almost as worse as Lil Wayne
by Cycron, truth speaker July 28, 2009
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An emo band lacking enough talent to play decent music and/or an emo band with a vocalist that lacks the talent to whine melodically. Many screamo bands simply make a horrible racket while the kid with the microphone screams like a spoiled child having a tantrum in the supermarket; not fast enough to be considered grindcore. Other screamo bands play homongenized, emo-pop music, alternating mellodic whiny, self-depreciating and contrived lyrics with a screaming back-up vocalist who usually repeats the first vocalist's drama-rants.
I went to the screamo concert the other day and soon realized it was just a screaming kid banging on pots and pans in the store. It actually sounded better than the screamo concert going on at Tantrumcore Records.
by Marcus Solomon November 16, 2007
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It as nothing to do with emo. It's true that the name screamo looks like scream and emo, but it's not emo with scream.
Screamo is a lot more musicaly violent than emocore.
Listen to Saetia or Circle take the square (both best screamo band), and tell me if it sound like Alexisonfire or the used. Those are emo core.. far smoother than screamo.
Saetia, Circle take the square, those are my best screamo band
by thedrzaius April 08, 2006
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Screamo IS:
*A genre of music, specifically emotional post-hardcore, most of the time with an pop, techno or mathcore influence.

Screamo IS NOT:
*An kind of clique or group (unless that group being a band which labels themselves as screamo)
*A type of person
*A way to scream, that would be vocal fry, inhale, exhale, pig squeal, guttural growl, e.c.t
*An adjective of and kind, unless referring to a genre of music
Ways to use the word "Screamo"
*Wow, did you hear that new electronic, screamo band?

Ways NOT to use the word "Screamo"
*Ewe, did you see that screamo kid over there?
*All screamos are totaly gay.
*Wow that kid is so screamo.
*I want to learn to screamo.
by -Kisei- April 08, 2009
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An awful genre of music (if you can even call it music), especially popular amongst the emo community, which involves lots of angry metal and lots of screaming.
The only people who listen to screamo are goths, emos, and MySpace users. True story.
I'd sooner die than listen to screamo. Yuk.
by molecule802.11 April 09, 2009
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A genre of "music", usually involving overpowering amounts of double bass, little to no meaning or soul to the music, and annoying spiderwebbing guitar riffs. When the lead "singer" isn't ripping his throat out while he screams about useless shit, they'll use those new, whiny voices that sound like that of an 8 year old girl's. This music is loved by the hordes of fashion zombies who just love to conform to the latest, passing Hot Topic style.
Scene/Psuedo-Emo Kid 1- OMG did you get the new Chiodos/Bring Me the Horizon/Five-Finger Deathpunch/ album? I love terrible screamo.

Scene/Psuedo-Emo Kid 2- Let's go to Hot Topic and jack off to Craig Owens!

by Tuffy McTuff Notyz February 16, 2009
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