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(1) an exclamation or reaction of inarticulate despair, preferably with a good dose of being overfamiliar and bored with the situation thrown in. The verbal equivalent of scratching your fingernails down a blackboard. Best uttered by two or more people at once.

(2) (vb) to do something impressively badly, preferably when there is an audience to witness and berate you for how badly you did it.

(3) Scrangeometer (n) a dial that accurately measures exactly how scrange-worthy any action or situation might be.
(1) A: Yeah, I had a row with my girlfriend.

B: And it rained all day.

C: And they'd run out of Fudge Brownie Ice cream in Sainsbury's.

A, B and C: Scraaaange!

(2) Sorry, I've completely scranged this up. You'll have to bin it and start again.

(3) Eeek! I think that's about a 9.5 on the scrangeometer.
by scranged May 05, 2011
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n. (vulgar)

Menstrual fluids.
"Oh Mr Darcy, you do make one blush," said Elizabeth as he stared intensely yet longingly into her eyes.
"I love you, Miss Eliza. From the very moment I saw you, I was assured that I had found the woman of my dreams. I love you from the depths of my soul, and always will. Now take that dress off so that I can lick the scrange from your twat, you dirty fucking bint."

Pride And Prejudice, Jane Austen.
by bleeding_indifference November 17, 2004
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(1) To wrongfully appropriate that which belongs to others through deceit or mischief while maintaining that the appropriation was conducted innocently or accidentally.

(2) Or, an individual who takes from a communal pile while neglecting to contribute anything back.
(1) I think someone just scranged about two dollars of change off our coffee table.

(2) Andrew continues to drink with us every night, but he never brings any beer or liquor, what a scrange.
by Nick KD July 30, 2009
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