The way a woman feels when its that time of the month. The only things which can help to lift her mood are lots of sympathy, copious amounts of chocolate and lots of cups of tea brought to her by her man.
Man: "babe do you want to go out tonight?"
Woman: "Get the **** out of my sight you ignorant idiot can't you see I'm feeling MENSTRUAL!"
by Tatyana99 January 4, 2009
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When one completely looses their mind.
Maida was going "menstrual" whilst "dash handing" to gay german porn.
by Akbar Dirka Dirka November 10, 2006
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Split into two types:

Type 1: When a female is currently at the egg releasing stage of the menstrual cycle

Type 2: An adjective used to describe a wide variety of actions and phenomena where the subject is both mental and sensual.

(To differentiate between the types the shorthand T1 and T2 can be used)
Type 1
"Don't mind her she is quite menstrual at the moment."

Type 2
1) "Dayum! That meal was completely menstrual!"


Person 1: Mate that girl is fiiit
Person 2: Hells yea, she's completely menstrual.
Person 1: What?
Person 2: T2 mate T2.
Person 1: Damn right, she is a menstrosity
by Back on the horse August 20, 2013
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Performing oral sex on a girl who is having her period menstruating.
A guy and a gal kiss after he performs oral sex on her during her period.
After they kiss, the gal says, " Go brush your teeth, your have menstrual mouth"
by olive man November 23, 2014
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1. (n) A chunk of menstruation that is attached to a tampon.

2. (n) Salmon that has not been de-boned and has been left out in the sun too long.
I pulled my motherfucking tampon out of my coochie and an economy-sized slice of menstrual loaf landed on the floor.
by Mikey Dee July 15, 2005
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Helen's rag is coming and she will need to pack a few menstrual warriors.
by perishable517 May 19, 2005
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A motorcycle only available to women.

It is characterized by it's unique exhaust note.
a menstrual cycle sounds like "Nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag...BIIIIIIIIIIITCH-bitch-BIIIIIIIIIIITCH-bitch-BIIIIIIIIIIITCH!"
by DMIKEV August 25, 2009
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