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Scp-106 is an old man cover in a black corrosive substance. Scp-106 is a Keter class Scp which makes it very dangerous to humanity for it has the ability to go into a pocket dimension and corrode through walls allowing it to hunt down it's target. The origin of how he came to be is difficult to figure out, for now he is safely contained inside site 19
Scientist 1: Hey man, why is that wall over there all covered with some weird black liquid
Scientist 2: Huh
Scp-106: Hey
Scientist 1: No not my femur
by 05 council April 17, 2019
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SCP-106 is a Keter class object in the SCP foundation, the anomaly depicts the look of an elderly humanoid in an advanced stage of decomposition, the anomaly is able to walk through any solid matter and its capable of going inside its own ''pocket dimension''. SCP-106 will catch its prey by incapacitating them and damaging vital organs and then pull it into its pocket dimension, SCP-106 has a full control of time and space in this dimension. SCP-106 will randomly enter a ''dormant'' state where the anomaly will be inactive for months at a time, researchers can re-contain the anomaly by injuring a person between the 10-25 of age bracket, researchers will break a bone such as the femur and play the sound over the site intercoms. SCP-106 will arrive to the subject and kill it.
Oh no SCP-106 has escaped containment..
by adudewithadog June 18, 2020
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