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To be really drunk, messed up, usually blackout and doing something stupid or crazy.
Damn, I got scottied last night, we had three bottles at Tenjune and I ended up in a lamp store in Brooklyn at 7am with only one shoe.
by ny_zookeeper October 26, 2008
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The act of bringing FUBAR to an entirely new level. Similar to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, but completely due to ones own actions.
That guy was eating a piece of chicken and completely Scottied. He had to have surgery to remove the bone from his throat.

He was putting up a deer stand and Scottied. Still not sure how he broke his thumb strapping in a deer stand.

While attempting to cook dinner, that dude Scottied. Oven caught fire and almost burned down the house.
by Sierratwohotel June 18, 2018
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