A somewhat tall and overweight individual. Their surname is usually "Robert" or some other generic western birth name but their nickname is almost always Scotty when they fill the expected physical attributes mentioned previously.
He/it/they take liberty and pride in surreptitiously depositing rohypnol in the alcoholic beverages unsuspecting females. Their living conditions are commonly unsanitary and uninhabitable by regular human beings.

A Scotty can typically be found in pursuit of heavily intoxicated females in any of the college bars throughout the east coast. Unfortunately these situations turn out in favor of the Scotty and they will quite often be gloating about the added notch on their bedpost.

Recapitulaton: this creature often engages in illegal activities involving sexual harrassment, filing of false police reports on peers, and at times possession of drug paraphernalia.
Shannon: "There he goes again."
Danielle: "Who?"
Shannon: "Scotty, he's is following those girls"
Danielle: "Good thing we didn't drink tonight!"

Katie: "Woah! There's grape jelly all over my leg!"
Erin: "Did you check under the seat before you used the toilet?"
Katie: "Shit! I forgot!"
Erin: "Scotty's at it again"
by Schuett March 9, 2022
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Scotti's are known to run almost exclusively on marijuana and food, they are also known for there extensive knowledge on sandwich management. They are in many ways the polar opposite of a Kyle. They tend to be referred to as "hipsters" much to their dismay. Overall though Scotti's tend to be the baddest boss ass bitches around, and will never leave you in your time of need.
Dont be a Kyle, be a scotti.
by Hihihos October 19, 2018
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Someone good looking, charming, and posses an attractive aura. A handsome man with determination and drive; a good sense of humor, easy going and carefree. A strong man that is on the path to being very successful.
Scottie, you're great!!
by forget-me-not February 5, 2010
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Scottis are the perfect girls (especially mine). If you ever have a Scotti in your life, keep her. She may be an introvert and keep a small friend group but that’s what makes them good with people, she’s contrasts well. She is sweet, caring, beautiful,and smart. If a Scotti ever dated you keep her, because she will be the best thing to ever happen to you.
Scotti is the perfect girl and I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have her.
by Ethan (:< October 24, 2019
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A good friend that many long to have. This is friend who usually suffers from depression, and is accustomed to heart-break. A Scottie is somebody you shouldn't take for granted, and you should let him know often how much he means to you. This is somebody that will lie for you, die for you, do ANYTHING for you...especially if they like you. This is somebody who falls in love easily....but tries not to show it--at least at first. He likes late-night calls with girl friends, and has many good friends he couldnt live without. If any good friends that he was close to move away, he usually thinks of them EVERYDAY. This is somebody who, if you dont show that he is appreciated, will leave. Finally, when he gets hurt he tries not to show it....but it scars and he never heals. He NEEDS people, but is not a very social person.
To a depressed friend: "Dude! Cheer up! Stop being such a Scottie, geez!"

Girl to Boyfriend: "Awwwwww your such a Scottie :)"

From good friend: "Thanks for being there for me, Scottie!" :)
by friend_of_scottie April 13, 2011
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a girl with a great sense of humor and a pure heart.

It's odd when you meet a girl named Scottie but when you do don't loose her. Scottie's are prone to distraction.

Scottie's are often shy when you first meet them but once they feel comfortable they are something completely different. Don't be scared off by a Scottie's overflowing self confidence and bubbly personality. They want everyone to feel comfortable around them and that is often the case.

Scottie's are great at keeping secrets and are fairly low maintenance. Keep them fed and hydrated and they are good to go.

Never question a Scottie's loyalty to her friends.
Scottie..??? Idek how I'd use the name in a sentence so here are some emojis~ಠ_ಠ (*´꒳`*) ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
by Help me im awkward March 29, 2017
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A good ole country boy, loves his girl with all of his heart. He's a loyal, trustworthy, adorable boy. He's perfect, but he won't ever admit it, no matter how many times he's told. He's very good with his hands, good with children, and animals. He is also very attractive, sexy, muscular, and tall. The man of every girls dream, but only one girl gets his heart. Is also an athletic boy, football is his game. He is boyfriend material, he's the best boyfriend any girl could ask for, he's a sweetheart, and is only sweet to his girl. And no matter what, he will always love her. He is also a fighter, fights for what he loves, never with his loves. He fights, and wins. He's not a loser. He doesn't quit, especially on the one's he loves the most. Overall, Scottie is the kind of man you want in your life, as a friend, or boyfriend. If you know one, treat him right, never lead him on, he has a rough past. You do him good, he'll treat you great
Wow, Scottie is so perfect, I wish he was my boyfriend, he's so darn sexy!
by NeverForgetToLive February 23, 2013
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