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A scooter with a jet engine on the back - after it has ploughed into the side of a mountain because it could not steer or brake at that speed.
- Where's your scooter dude?

- Gone, it's a scotter now.
by Glest August 11, 2010
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250 pounds of skin, bone, flesh, chest hair, pizza, and for it's incomprehenable grammar, and antics. This "thing" can usually be found on a couch, a bed or a kitchen where it devours anything it can put in it's mouth. It's favourite past-times are chewing tabacco, drinking large amounts of cheap, dime a dozen beer. He also enjoys staying out late with "friends". The Scotter has been known to intrigue, or to be intrigued by nearly anything that is going through his cat like attention spam of a brain. The Scotter often sports a large playoff like beard, and wears tacky clothes that lead him to absolutely no tail.
The Scotter ex. chebacca, ape, the 1 ton Man, That creepy old fat guy at the bar. The wrapper of your gum you throw on the road.
by December 05, 2010
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1. A person with a large booty.
2. A thing that is likely to break or fall to pieces; explode; kaboom.
3. A person who is sticky; gooey; brownies.

"That Scotters is a hot piece of ass!"
by Vincible January 17, 2009
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