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(v., scobleize, adv.)
To act in a egotistical, longwinded and self centered manner; to fill the air with loads of blustery obfuscation or arrogant belly-button observations; acting like a general ass.
I'm going to go scoble that reporter.


He always scobles at our parties, and now nobody wants to come.
by dolceboy July 25, 2008
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California slang meaning "to declare something obvious, and then to announce your own genius in a self-congratulatory tone."

(Etymology: From Fake Steve Jobs, June 8, 2007. Named for Robert Scoble, famous for comments of this nature.)
In June 2007, Robert Cringely <i>scobled it</i> when he said Apple hardware was becoming a media playback platform. He continued, "Remember, you read it here first!"
by Fake Steve Jobs June 10, 2007
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A unit of measurement related to the quantity of social media popularity or publishing frequency usually displayed as a fraction.

Director of Marketing "How popular is our CEO's blog?"
SEM Manager "Great! He's nearly half a scoble."
by Lisa Padilla April 07, 2008
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–verb (to scoble)

1. To receive a reply to an often reasonable comment with a nonsensical sentence involving the misuse of the English language, but which at the same time makes absolute sense.

Often humorous in its construction.

Will usually require at least two readings to fully comprehend its meaning.
When describing facial hair:

"Your moustache are like two fighting badger being glued together to forum a bridge for unwanted hobnobs crumb to cross over"


In retort to a discussion on compulsory wearing of helmets:

"Sexist, how can the female have helmet? they don't even have penises.

Unless you count their clitoris as a penis, in which case you're just strange."

by ibinscobled May 30, 2011
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