Schwifty (Verb)- The ultimate abandonment of inhibition while having a good time. It is is akin to getting "crunk", "raging", or "Going H.A.A.M.".

While taking off your pants and your panties, and shitting on the floor are things that one might do when "Getting Schwifty", they are not the definition of Schwifty.

Schwifty (Adj.)-Something that is perceived in an extremely positive way. Synonyms; awesome, cool, rad, clean, sweet, dope, etc.
I can't wait to go out tonight! We're gonna get SCHWIFTY!!

Damn did you see Dur-uhl's new car?! It's schwifty AF!
by Rick_Sanchez March 11, 2016
Getting crazy horny at parties and/or clubs, usually while extremely high. Typically involves taking off your pants and your panties.
Oh yeah! You gotta get schwifty! Uh oh! You gotta get schwifty! Oh yeah! Take off your pants and your panties!
by the_rickster July 24, 2015
Take off your pants and your panties. Shit on the floor, time to get schwifty in here.
by Mr. Bulldops November 6, 2015
To "get schwifty" is to work efficiently toward a set of stated corporate goals or outcomes while upholding and promoting core values of the enterprise.
"Wow, that guy is really getting schwifty on the floor over there"
by Schwiftinator May 26, 2016
The combination of swift, shit, and quick. Taking a quick, swift shit.
You gotta get schwifty! Ohhh yeaahhhh! Take off your pants and panties! Shit on the floor! Time to get schwifty in here! Gotta shit on the floor!