futuristic term meanign cool (slang, not being a little cold)
Dude, that trick was hecka schwey
by moofoo January 19, 2004
1. Improved Human, An entity with intelligence and abilities exceeding normal human standards.
2. An enlightened being with a physical
chromosomal mutation.
"He was too schwei to acknowledge or be bothered by his own broken bones."

by face86 December 17, 2008
Lauren: Did you know I'm moving to Culpepper?
Patrick: Schwey... you already moved.
by Pattycakes331 August 1, 2008
A superlative that goes far beyond the bounds of cool - should be reserved only for when something truly is ultra schwey. Never used in an ironic fashion.
I wasn't sure I would like it, but that really was ultra schwey.
by Jeremy January 3, 2004