11 definitions by moofoo

pronunciation: game-cyoob

This cool ass gaming console that is only mocked by idiotic freaks that can't even spell playstation and play on a x-box.
by moofoo April 14, 2003
futuristic term meanign cool (slang, not being a little cold)
Dude, that trick was hecka schwey
by moofoo January 19, 2004
go my ninjas! battack!
by moofoo October 23, 2003
a poem that is bnot/b restricted to the 5-7-5 format, as long as there is a good rhythm to it. the 5-7-5 was created as a template for the poem.
Usually about nature.
This is a haiku
Not five seven five
but it's got rhythm
by moofoo June 8, 2004
one who visits wordurbandictionary.com/word
yo momma is an urbandictionaryite
by moofoo October 4, 2003
Cattle-group Of-da World
An organization against the A.C.S. (Anti-Cattleman Society)
by moofoo April 21, 2003
a phrase that can be added as a prefix or suffix to any insult as a comeback.
Dude: You're ugly.
Guy: Your face is ugly. (prefix)
Dude: That's hella stpid
Guy: Not as stupid as your face! (suffix)
Dude: That makes no sense
Guy: Your face doesn't make sense!
Dude: I'm leaving.
Guy: I'd leave to if I had your face.
by moofoo June 8, 2004