The act of sexual intercourse - usually in a hap-hazard way, in secret, and without regard for anything much past the act itself. The connotation implies an a possibly dirty act purely for pleasure, possibly rushed, or done behind closed doors.
George wasn't at the golf course like he said he was but rather was schtooping his neighbor's wife.
by Geoge Miller June 22, 2006
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Schtoop is a noun which is used as an insult to someone who has failed either physically or academically.
Person one: "Did you see Tom fail the english exam?"

Person two: "Yeah what a Schtoop!"
by Dylan D. Diamondfire August 18, 2020
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To be fucked, either sexually or by being in a bad situation. Past tense of schtoop.
She got schtooped hardcore by her boyfriend on prom night.

I owe $1200 and I'm broke, I'm totally schtooped!
by Munster June 1, 2006
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Can mean anything from 'fucking' or 'to fuck', but is becoming just an exclamatory word(such as, in place of saying 'Wow!' or 'Oh my!'). Also used in place of 'cool' or when there just isn't anything better so say, and you want a conversation to end. Usually pronounced in a very long and drawn out way.
"I don't care who Michael schtoops on his own time."
"Hey Lindzko look at this Whopper Jr. I ordered with extra cheese."
"Hey Lindzko I just failed my rocket science final, so now I'm going to kill myself."
by Linkzo March 29, 2006
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It is a Yiddish word, meaning to have sexual intercourse... (i.e. to "fuck")

The word is also starting to be used in place of the words "Wow!", and "Fuck!".
by Brookman May 8, 2018
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