9 definitions by samdog

something mr bigham did to marxsen in math class today. he called him a cock sucking teachers pet.\
by samdog November 10, 2004
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something i open up on sorry losers.
something my grandmother opens up when her titties sag too low
by samdog November 10, 2004
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an ass that is bad.

stevie is a badass. his ass is bad. he cant sit down.
by samdog November 10, 2004
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selling way to expensive food to f/suckers who want to buy it.
i didnt get to eat lunch today, because my food stamps ran out and i am hungry now.
by samdog November 16, 2004
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1) to be terrible at something
2) to suck something such as a straw
3) to give head
4) noun, as in this sucks
1) brian sucked at skateboarding
2) sally sucked on the straw
3) sally sucked david off
4) school sucks
by samdog November 10, 2004
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grant sucked wind all day long. grant sucked the wind from johns ass til i explodeded
by samdog November 18, 2004
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the shittiest high school of all time.
attended by losers who need school
by samdog November 9, 2004
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