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Zachariah is a pretty cool dude. He's pretty good at sports but not really a jock, and has the perfect mix of handsome and cute. Zachariah has a great sense of humor. He can make anyone smile with one of his jokes. Zach acts pretty shy around others, but once he gets to know you, he's like family to you. Zachariah is a true friend, and you're lucky to know a Zach like him.
Zachariah is a great person!
by Certainlyme April 05, 2013
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1. (adj) A term synonymous with pure unadulterated awesomeness. When ranking with Chuck Norris or Mr. T level awesomeness is just to ridiculously impossible, it is usually safe to put it on the level of Zachariah.

2. (verb) A Hebrew name meaning "Jehovah has remembered."
1. Did you see that guy pull a Zachariah round house kickpunch? That was Zachariah!!

2. Don't worry about God not hearing your prayers, because Zachariah!
by Bobathan Mcjekt June 12, 2008
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The beast in school. Stronger, faster, and smarter than anyone else. It quiet till he gets to the gym. Is quite good looking. HE is passonate about sports and school and loves to make money. The girls all love the, deep down but no one builds up enough courage to ask him out.
Did you see Zachariah in the gym today. He was ripping it up.

I really want to ask Zachariah Out but i am too nervous
by ATHlete920 December 07, 2011
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Zachariah is a bully .He is a sports junkie but not a jib junkie, He will climb a building like he climbs his woman's. He is always sad, and always posts it on his snapchat story. He copies jughead Jones. (never takes off his hat)
"hey did you see Zachariah's snapchat story last night"
" yeah, when is he never sad"
by justJibbin June 01, 2018
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Zachariah is a bitch ass nigga who likes to make bets in fifa and get his ass whooped and then dont even pay my fucking money back that fucking asshole he is also a pussy who tried to fight and get his ass kicked by me FUCK THAT LITTLE SHRIP DICK LITTLE SQUIRREL DICK LITTLE CRAB DICK HAVING ASS NIGGA THAT FUCKING FAGGOT IS A FUCKING SORE LOSER THATS ALSO A DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zachariah is looking nice today

One girl said

Sike bitch get ur ass whooped

Other girl.said
by That1realniggakev April 20, 2017
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Zachariah's are men who offer up there asshole for free anal sex as they often suffer from small penis syndrome. Zachariah's often give anything for a free donkey punch or angry dragon.
by madrid me August 24, 2011
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