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A Canadian musical artist that started off, as many aspiring young female artists do, to make cheery and wholesome music that a wide audience will want to listen to. Then, she was seduced to the pop music world's dark side by DJ Jasper Gahunia, who left her knocked up and with a loss of identity.

In spite rumors of her getting engaged to another man in July 2007 to clean up her act, her reputation was forever tarnished by the incident as well as by her reduction to the performance of complete trash "music" featuring Timbaland.

Her song "Promiscuous" has since been parodied by numerous artists (such as Odd Austin and Every Ape) as "Ridiculous," which is what she became after performing that song.
Nelly Furtado: "Do I seem a dummkopf?"
Timbaland: "Yep."
Nelly Furtado: "I was afraid so..."
by ObscuredOne June 12, 2008

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In the world of The Sims 2, this word is a euphemism for sexual intercourse, in a very generic sense.

Game characters will actually do a dance in which they twist and contort their necks, backs, arms, and legs in ways which would be either very painful or impossible in real life, but which allows the game to have an ESRB T rating whilst still creating the illusion from the partially-obscured woo-hoo-capable object are engaging in something closer to a more realistic sexual position.

In the Simlish language, the term "woohoo!" is used more or less the same as in English, to denote sudden pleasure or pleasant shock. In-game, the act and phrase are both accompanied by the couple making noises, including cat shrieks, dog barks, truck horn noises, and even a female orgasm purr; usually accompanied by magical chimes to indicate pregnancy.

In the world of the game's community, the term has taken the place of "Play in Bed," a term borrowed from the original Sims that did not cause pregnancy in that game. Unlike the original Sims, Sims 2 partners will only woo-hoo in their underwear, unless a hack is applied telling them to do it in the nude. Such hacks are only now available on adult subscription sites.

The related sexual content to the "woo-hoo" feature has been the cause of much controversy, as there is argument over exactly how much sexual content is appropriate in a T-rated game.

"Woo-hoo"-ready objects include the Love Tub, any double bed, and most cars, as well as changing rooms in the shops.

The term was further popularized by its use in the seventh episode of The Strangerhood by Rooster Teeth Productions, where Catherine offers to bang Dutchmiller using the term.
Gal: "What? Why does it say 'woo-hoo' on the screen?"
Guy: "Oh. That just means that those two Sims want sex."
Gal: "But they're not even in love, let alone married!"
Guy: "That's because I installed LizzLove's Swinger's Bed Hack when you weren't looking, now they'll woo-hoo just as long as they're of legal age."
Gal: "Jerk."
by ObscuredOne March 20, 2007

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The Leibniz-Newton Effect, or LNE, signifies when two alike or similar products or ideas are either created or discovered by two different individuals with no clear evidence that Guy 1 and Guy 2 had any influence on each other.

The term is derived from the fact that Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton both discovered calculus, without knowing about each other until after they had both attempted to get their work published.

In the world of animation, it is said to be the effect of two studios coming up with very similar ideas for a movie with no clear proof that one truly did steal the idea from the other.
With no real solid evidence that either one truly inspired the other, it remains plausible that the release of the eerily similar "Flushed Away" by Dreamworks and "Ratatouille" by Pixar is an instance of the Leibniz-Newton Effect, wherein which great minds think way too much alike.
by ObscuredOne November 09, 2007

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Game-based fanfiction.

1. n., Fan fiction written around a particular video game, board game, PC game, etc, that employs characters and situations relevant to the game and its franchise.

2. n., Fan fiction that employs a particular game's resources to tell an original story. Storytelling and making online comics with a particular game for this purpose is called "machinomics," and making videos is machinima.

"Gameficker": One who makes gamefic.
1. If someone writes fanfic about the characters from "CLUE" or "Monopoly," that's gamefic.

2. Or, someone could make machinomics with The Sims 2 or Sims 3. Also, machinimas such as "Tales of the Past III" (World of Warcraft) and "Red vs. Blue" (Halo) can be considered gamefic.
by ObscuredOne June 22, 2009

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A page inside a browser that has a predominantly white background and an error message usually in the center.

These are very common on social networking sites, especially involving browser-based games such as those created by Zynga.

The purpose of a White Page of Death is usually to indicate a failure of communication among the client input (you), the main site's server, and the game site's server.

Or, in the case of a social site's own server failure, to inform you that the server is broken and can't find your information.
1. Typical White Page of Death in Facebook: "There are still a few kinks that Facebook and the makers of Pirates: Rule the Caribbean! are trying to mend out..."

2. Typical MySpace White Page of Death:
"Oops! An error has occurred. Please forward this to the MySpace tech team."
by ObscuredOne April 13, 2009

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1. proper n.--An unsuccessful idea for a child's story. Not to be confused with "Squish THE Fish," a flash animation program on the web put out by the Chicago Shedd's Aquarium.

2. v. phrase--To give a bear hug to somebody, especially someone who is very young, and especially if they were just recently in a swimming pool.
"Come on, Beck, I wanna Squish a Fish!"
"No! I'm not a fish; and you crushed my ribs the last time!"
by ObscuredOne November 18, 2006

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Another way of calling somebody "chicken" and saboteur simultaneously; indicative of a coward who nevertheless does something bold to inconvenience in some way those around him, only to flee the scene or try unsuccessfully to weasel his way out to avoid repercussions.

Can also be used as a euphemism for "motherfu**er," namely someone who grieves someone else and shows little remorse.

Can also be used by chicken harvesters to insult a particularly stubborn poultry when eluding capture to avoid being butchered for meat.
"You're not getting out of this one! You stole my Gatorade, you featherclucker!"

"These featherclucking hens are getting on my nerves!"
by ObscuredOne October 24, 2006

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