Winless, scoreless or hitless, in dating or especially in sports. Used especially when a long loosing streak is broken. Comes from Gin Rummy when if you lose all the hands you have to pay double or get "schneidered."
The 0-8 Detroit Pistons won their first game. Finally they are off the schneid.
by bonerici November 15, 2012
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An Alternate to "shit"
Dat be some Mo Foe'in schneid biatch!
by Drunkdirishman August 15, 2003
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cool, ill, in style, nice, sweet
that derp is so schneid
that girl is so schneid
ur mom is so schneid
by krowkneeklay September 11, 2011
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Going a long, long time without sex.
A wise man once said, I'd gladly choose suicide over being on the schneid.
by buckfutter November 9, 2004
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1. A slang term for a woman's genitalia.
2. May be used as an insult.
3. Or in any other creative way you can think of.
1. My schneide is bleeding so much I don't even know what to do.
2. Ow, someone just kicked me in the schneide.
3. That kid is such a schneide head, he needs a good beat down.
4. That bitch has her head so far up her schneide.
by Blaise February 14, 2006
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When either a female takes her nose and tickles a males scrotum, or another females clitoris, or when a male takes his nose and does the same.
by Garbba April 4, 2010
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Kevin: Damn did you see Rachel last night? She had 7 beers!
Jake: Yeah she was so schneided!!!!
by chiccalovee May 22, 2011
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