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A tricked out ride covered in penis, a small pool of water, and driven by a piece of shit emo stick figure using a janky ass steering wheel. Mostly used to travel down tuu.
We're going down tuu in a luleelurah in suugah we goin' down swingin.'
by Blaise February 07, 2006

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to take your hand under your tit and push it up and it bounces
mom! Go flop your Titties!
by blaise June 13, 2003

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your dick
My wompy machine is 8 inches!
by blaise June 15, 2003

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Acronym for Happy Blow Job Face. That absurd smile where you open your mouth really wide and smile like that. Usually when you're really excited. Or mocking something. The "h" for happy can be replaced with pretty much any other emotion. you can have a cbjf (confused blow job face) or an abjf (angry blow job face)or a fbjf (frightened blow job face)....you get the idea. All are executed by opening the mouth wide and then making the matching facial expression. Like looking angry with your mouth open wide. You get it.
"She had a total hbjf when I told her I was going to fuck her tonight."
"She had a total abjf when I told her I fucked her boyfriend last night"
by Blaise February 16, 2006

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your hand (it makes you wompy)
I just cut open my wompy tool with a butterfly knife!
by blaise June 15, 2003

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1. A slang term for a woman's genitalia.
2. May be used as an insult.
3. Or in any other creative way you can think of.
1. My schneide is bleeding so much I don't even know what to do.
2. Ow, someone just kicked me in the schneide.
3. That kid is such a schneide head, he needs a good beat down.
4. That bitch has her head so far up her schneide.
by Blaise February 13, 2006

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when an english man tells the story of the english finger and instead of the middle finger it is the pointer finger and middle finger peace but you say buh;or an english expression of suprisement
instead of uh its buh;bloddy buh;BUH!
by blaise June 14, 2003

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