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a general all incompassing term for stuff and things. Usually used when the term being replaced by Schmee is understood between friends, but takes to much effort to say or remember the actually name of the term.
Can you go get the schmee out of my care.


I'll see you at the Schmee.


I need more Schmee.


Who is this Schmee?
by manfriend July 03, 2004
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anything and everything; a term of excitement, hate, lust, joy, and beardness
What the schmee is going on?!
On the count of schmee, let's rmb.
Schmeehehehe whoops crapped myself.
Schmee! Don't hug me or I'll fart.
Go schmee yourself, you ignroant slut.
You can't say schmee because you're so not Raven.
by RavenTheIgnorantSlut August 16, 2010
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Can be used as a term of exasperation.

Also as a substitute for forgotten words as suggested by Manfriend
Oh schmee... Forgot to get xxxxx.

(When forgetting the rest of the sentance, whilst saying it)
<Start of sentance> and we will then need to... Um, Schmee.
by Captain Fizz June 06, 2005
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A schmee is someone who is always high. This is the noun. If we was high, he was schmeed. Which is the verb.

This term is widely used in the northern parts of Virginia all the way to as north as Dewey Beach, Deleware.
You are a schmee.

Are you schmeed right now?

You are a schmeeboggs.

Hey Schmee, did you see that sasquatch?
by Boggz October 11, 2007
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1. A small penis infected with Peyronie's Disease.
2. A crooked little weiner.
3. Used figuratively to describe anything crooked.
1. Man I wish I didn't have Peyronie's, girls don't like it.
2. Haha, look at that schmee.
3. I don't want to eat this schmee popscicle, you shouldn't have let it melt.
by Zachary Kamm December 17, 2007
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A sound that describes your happiness depending on the tone it's used in. Very versatile word. Can be used in place of other words because you cant remember what you were going to say.
Schmee! My bestfriend is coming over!!

So my kids were being so bad today and...well schmee!

by SavEspii September 22, 2018
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I hope they don't check for DNA in his room. I schmeed on his bed.

Hey dummies, you can't pee with a boner.......
by Rhubesic February 02, 2004
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