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a breath of apathy.
Used as a term to define how very indifferent you are to whatever the situation may be.
Aimee: Do you want to drive or should I?
Kristin: Schme...
by Philadelphia kitties April 23, 2009
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schme is an everything word, pertaining mainly to the words it replaces. schme can be inserted into every day speach as names, information, or even explitives. oh and schme does not mean vagina!!!
"omg he's so like schme!!!!"
"the capitol of north dakota is schme schme no one cares!"
"schme!! i just stubbed my toe"
by molly kay April 11, 2006
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A word somebody will use if they do not want to answer a question because they are at fault on their part.
Euan: dont tell theo but ive forgotten his copy of unholy war again

Lewi: sure thing

*theo walks over*

lewi: hey theo, isnt unholy war a kickass game

Theo: hey, oh yea euan didnt you say youd bring it in today

Euan: schme
by lewi dibbin November 30, 2006
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1) A word used as a substitue for "Hello!" or "Goodbye!". A common greeting used between friends.

2) Can also be used as an adjective to describe things.
1) Person 1: Schme!
Person 2: Schme! How've ya been?

2) Person 1: Today was schmetastic!
by schmegirl123 February 28, 2011
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Pronounced "shmeh",

1) this word charactarizes black people at the peak of their social involvment.
2) verb. to engage in nasty, dirty butt sex (black people)
1) "Wow that nigger is schme!! Look at all his dope and hoes and cash!"
2) "Hey nigger, what do you say we get in a cheap motel and schme the night away?"
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