The act of putting unfiltered thoughts onto Internet forums, particularly when the author is believed to be schizophrenic.
Schizoposter @ 3:30am: My brain can hear the noise that grass makes ... and then the night weighed down my brainstem and I wandered into the lot alone to hear God ... bloodbrains are petty and stupid.
Setomanda @ 3:32am: real schizo-posting hours
by craig99214 June 30, 2018
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An act of online publication, where author creates unintelligible amalgamation of pseudo-scientific or pseudo-mythical buzz words combined with poor grammar, lacking or non-existent syntax, blatantly wrong reasoning and general verbosity, usually indentified with untreated cases of schizophrenia.

Often taking a form of being written "in one go" i.e. a lengthy post (colloquially called "wall of text") without any punctuation, signifying it being said in one breath.

These types of posts can be seen on various discussion forums and boards, e.g. 4chan, Reddit; as well as various social media platforms, where vast majority of instances have been observed on Facebook.
{Random 4chan thread}

Anonymous mm.dd.yyyy no. XXXXXXXXXX
THIS IS A FACT vaccine has been created to SEPARATE US!!1! from the higher conciousness .. .independent thought will be DESTROYED that was known for ever that the House of Rotshilds is in control? they want to control us??2 and I swear it by my Hyperborean ancestors that i CONTACT by high vril levels stay strong and fight NWO!!1 !1!!

Anonymous mm.dd.yyyy no.YYYYYYYYYYYY
>>XXXXXXXXXX# schizo posting again. take your meds.
by lubaver September 30, 2021
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The act of posting to one's self as though in conversation, for the purpose of increasing one's post count or for personal amusement.
Many online forums bestow ranks to contributing members which correlate to numerical milestones such as number of posts. A common strategy to increase one's post count is to respond to one's own posts.

"Of course he is a "Supreme forum member", he's mastered the art of schizo-posting."
by UanoKei April 27, 2010
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