Daniel Larson, often referred to as 'Mr. President', is a celebrity who works multiple jobs in the entertainment field while also updating his fans on tiktok with his current life situations. He is also currently dating Grace Vanderwaal (someone who is also working in the entertainment field).

His current jobs: Singer-songwriter, actor, and fashion model.

(some of) His phrases: currently, stay tuned, ceel, *anything mentioning his multiple cashapp accounts*, *anything about grace vanderwaal*, and many more including "his" brand called STD soaps.

Daniel also tends to have different eras. One of the most recent ones is "the institution/mental hospital" era in which Larson had told his fans that he was going to the hospital to see his mentor, but a day or so later, he was admitted into what we can only assume is a psychiatric hospital. He was placed on a hold/lockdown which many of his fans assume was a 5150.

He often complains about his care providers and how they usually only feed him (kraft?) macaroni and cheese.

Stay tuned, folks.
Person 1: Did you see daniel larson's new video?
Person 2: Yeah, we should probably donate to his cash app sometime soon.
by October 21, 2021
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Also known as Mr President, Daniel Larson is a AIOPM TikTok personality known for his funny ridiculous lifestyle and videos. Daniel has been a subject of manipulations by troll 'managers'. Grace Vanderwall and Darcy is known to be competing for the place of the first lady. Please stay tuned and see you on the flip side.
1:Did you watch the new Daniel Larson videos from last night?

2:Hell yeah. I'm always staying tuned to Mr President. I'm living the flipping dream rn.
by RyansForMrPresident October 21, 2021
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Mr.president often known for saying stay tuned and frequently putting our nation into lockdown also f flexburger
“ Have you been staying tuned to Daniel Larson lately?”
“Daniel is currently dating grace vanderwall stay tuned
by Ms.larson September 15, 2021
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