One who cannot behave in a manner consistent with civilized society; One who emits primordial noises reminiscent of orangutans in African Rainforests; One who lacks basic concepts of hygiene and of cleanliness in public areas; One whose mental and physical characteristics suggest de-evolution and/or an experiment in genetic engineering gone seriously wrong.
1. "Chris and Thomas"

2. "God damn it, my roommates are savages."

3. "Those savages look out of place here, we really need to help them by releasing them into the jungle somewhere."

4. "I'm sick of savages masquerading as humans."
by K.F. Gauss May 14, 2005
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Some one who that is willing to do crazy shit and not care about the consequences. His or her actions often leave people wondering if there crazy .
Briana is so fucking savage , it scares me man .
by The wise one bitxhh January 14, 2015
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A word once for things that were uncivilized, but now what is used for the modern generation of sluts and trendhoppers to call themselves, thinking it means badass and awesome. They're basically calling themselves primitive people.
moron: im super savage i did this thingy now i savage! XDXD
intelligent person: look it up on a dictionary.
moron: *kills intelligent person* I SUPER SAVAGE NOW XD
by Walking Catfish March 21, 2017
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being absurd, dramatic, and extreme for no apparent reason
Katarina is so savage, dumps me like a sack of candy and on to the next guy
by DrNicholas95 July 24, 2015
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Harsh, unfair, no right, unlucky meaning a situation came out wrong.
A: I lost ยฃ20 today!
b: Savage!!
by Becky360 November 29, 2005
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