A game played by slightly inebriated foreigners at bars and frisbee competitions in South Korea.

A group of people, playing as "Secret Service" agents, will quietly put their fingers up to their ear like they're wearing ear pieces. Then, they silently eye and pick a person to tackle. Someone yells, "Get down Mr. President!" The group of "agents" tackles the chosen "President". Agents dog pile on the president and "secure the perimeter" and do other secret agently functions.
by ajuma11 November 13, 2013
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A multi-step sexual performance.

1. Embargo her air supply through erotic asphyxiation during vaginal intercourse.
2. Paddle her until she submits to calling you Mr. President.
3. Casually transition to anal.
4. Make her confess she'll give you her vote, in exchange for ass-to-mouth.
5. Veto the condom and put your commander in chief in her oval office.
6. Retire to your presidential bed and make her sleep on the futon in the grimy Lincoln bedroom.
I dropped a Benjamin to fly her down to the White House. It was worth it though, I gave her "The "Mr. President"".
by The Big Sreaze February 8, 2011
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Video games tactics:

The act of yeeting oneself into harm’s way to protect something valuable; typically a VIP, or resource
*enemy’s Ult is going to hit friendly flag carrier*

”Mr. President!!”

*jumps in front of Ult*
by KingGrizzly1987 September 16, 2019
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To invite someone over, or to stay the night, under the premise of sex, only to not make it past 2nd base the entire night. Must be done at least three times in order to be considered Mr. President sex.
Jimmy invited me over last night and made it seem like there’d be some P in V action. Instead he just Mr. President sexed me.
by vote for this dick October 25, 2023
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Basically, the gist of the game was that when you were with a group of friends, at any random time, a member of the group would stick their finger to their ear, as if receiving a message. Eventually, others would notice and copy the movement, and whoever was last upon sticking a finger to the ear or hadn't noticed gets tackled to the ground regardless of location, and the others would yell "Get down Mr. President!!"
Bob: We played Get Down Mr. President! downtown yesterday. We almost got hit by a car.
by iluvboobies123 July 10, 2012
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A very fun game that may or may not end in someone being injured. A group of friends can play this. Someone starts it by pressing a finger to their own ear like a secret service agent would. The last person to do this is "Mr. President" and everyone yells "Get down Mr. President!" And they tackle him to the ground.
"How did you break your arm?"
"Well we were playing "Get down Mr. President" and my friends tackled my onto a rock."
by Mr. President's bitch September 8, 2013
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When your girl "sucks your penis" in the morning upon waking up.
I give my man a "Good morning Mr. president" at least three times a month to start his day off right cause if I don't do it one of those Monica Lewinsky's out there will!!
by Rufnew June 30, 2017
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