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meaning weak or lame; not impressive
juice: omg did you see that gsx? OMG GSX, so tight.
tim: looked pretty saucey to me, kinda like you
by EliasC August 18, 2006
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Describes EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, used for anything, just nothing that is "retarted" or "un-saucey".
Nick: Dude that fat ass over there is wearing a thong!


Nick: Holy shit dude, look at that chick with that hot ass over there!

Jake: BEEFY!

Mike: Shut the fuck up you stupid butt pirate...

by Saucey4EvZ November 12, 2009
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Straight up HOMO. All-up-in-the-ass types.
That saucey bastard resorted to slappin ass and pulling hair in that wrestling match with Chimchim.
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The true meaning of the phrase "A HOLE." He'll stab you in the eye with a chopstick.
Saucey makes me sad.
by Balls!™ April 11, 2005
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to be saucey is to be fucked up from a drug or a combo of drugs which cause you to either over focus on the smallest detail and make a simple quick project or hobby take much longer then should be normally taken. or when you cant focus at all because your so damn saucey that your head is cloudy and you cant make sense of the situation.. this can happen after a few days being awake or u can get saucey off one beer, joint,line of coke meth or any drug you may try...

you can also think saucey... this is when you think either worst case scenario or you are thinking of sompthing so outlandish or thinking in a way that people find strange... bein saucey is fun as fuck lol... also there are saucey girls and saucey guys... they black hole into everything....... #barnyard840x.... #team of professionals #T.O.P ( saucey is a barnyard term)
dude smokey quit smokin...... response... are u saucey nigga? smokey never gonna quit smokin
by barnyard840x- wheeljack October 21, 2017
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