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When a male fixes the bridge of a pair of glasses to the base of the shaft of his penis and enters an orifice of his partner.
I had a date with this dumb chick and when I took her home, I gave her The Professor.
by B.B. Mc Snatchincrack March 20, 2012

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An individual who’s cuntiness is so apparent, it’s served to you on a saucer like a cup of tea.
That dude just cut me off and gave me the finger, what a cunt saucer!
by B.B. Mc Snatchincrack July 05, 2018

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A person who’s douchery has no limits.
Tad said he’s gonna get a neck tattoo of some crow wings, what a fucking douche rocket.
by B.B. Mc Snatchincrack July 04, 2018

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