A large, preferably navy green bag, used to transport large quantities of beer into the unsuspecting bathrooms of bars, restaurants, theaters, etc; where they are then to be chugged. Satchel is most commonly used among sketchy individuals; the less fortunate and/or college students. Tactic to save money.
Dude, you ready to satchel it up?
by LizzJizz March 26, 2007
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1) a man–purse
2) a skinny 10 year old ginger boy who crowd-surfs at concerts
"there goes satchel wow look at that swagger"
by bethannswagmoney March 07, 2015
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Can be a verb or adjective.

a) to slouch around wearing scruffy leather jackets and bluntstones, looking incredibly mangy, untidy and unkept.
b) to smoke a copious amount of marijuana.

Adjective: can describe anything, however usually describes someone or some action of the know-it-all, douche-bagish nature.

Verb: "i woke up late and satchel'd around Queen street yesterday"
"lets satchel it up"

Adjective: "wow that was a satchel move, man"

by beachface November 12, 2008
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A satchel is a bag often used to carry books, and other objects in.

Mike: Leah what does your satchel contain?

Leah: Not much just a few books and a huge dilly
by Michael McManus November 27, 2007
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