A kick ass band who is a 80s style glam rock band who is trying to bring metal back (praise god). First album was "Feel The Steel". Tracks off "Feel The Steel": 1. Death Go All But Metal (Death To justin bieber more like it) 2. Asian Hooker 3. Community Property (I think the singer is going to get vd first) 4. Eyes Of A Panther 5. Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) (aka the annoying fat ass who rides my bus) 6. Eatin' Ain't Cheatin' 7. Party All Day (**** All Night) 8. Turn Out The Lights 9. Stripper Girl 10. The Shocker 11. Girl From Oklahoma. Members are: Michael Starr (fucking dead ringer for David Lee Roth), Lexxi Foxxx (winner of the hottest base player EVER award), Satchel (closest thing to Slash of GNR and a hell of a lot cheaper.) and Stix Zadinia (so good that he could have been in Bon Jovi 'cept he was over the 230 lb limit.)
Little cousin: Turn it down! I'm trying to listen to Justin bieber!
Metal head: you turn it off! Jesus Christ, Justin bieber is a fuckin' pussy! Steel Panther kicks ass! Death to all but metal!"
by Samii_Ray August 6, 2010