1. Very rare name/person. coming from the Old testament meaning the One who cares.

2. A guardian, lover, loyal person.

3. Someone who is always there for you.

4. Strong will power (often mistaken as chaos/destruction).

5. Ecclesiastical/Secular (Not bound by religion or life or concerned that much about it).
1. " His name is Parrish treat him right and you have his heart".

2. "Don't worry we are safe as long as Parrish is here".

3. "Girl you better hold on to him he's a Parrish"

4. "Dude he doesn't give up he's a Parrish"

5. "Ask Parrish he is not concerned with religion"
by The Origin Of Names June 16, 2009
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A Nigga with a big dick and can kiss good...he also wants to only fuck and leave you alone after cause He Dogs Hoes
Parrish took my virginity and left me after ='(
Parrish often says he's that nigga
Parrish can hoop his ass off
Parrish only fucks with real niggas
by Erin Parker March 16, 2012
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Not signing into a messaging client to avoid unwanted messages. Used as a way to avoid being asked questions by people who are expecting something from you.
"Hey, did you get a hold of Brian for that project we're working on?" "Nah, man. He's parrishing me."
by B007H December 16, 2011
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Talented actress. Can sing, dance and act. She's really amazing actually!
Janel Parrish? She's perfect!
by angelofthenight January 20, 2013
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A quiet, shy, and lonely photo tech (Played by Robin Williams) at the local SavMart in the 2002 thriller movie "One Hour Photo". He becomes obsessed with a family because he never had one of his own and stalks them trying to become "Uncle Sy". Sy is an extremely tidy and organized person who is a perfectionist in his line of work. He drives a boring white Toyota Echo and is portrayed as a dull loser.
"Sy parrish is obsessed with cameras"
by Montenez McBurgers November 20, 2007
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Totally epic
Drives a bugatti at 25
Great dancer
Girl: Oh my god! Did you see that dance move?
Guy: Yeah, he must be a Parrish Lyon
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