1. A word to define the mouthing off of musicians / teachers / restless students (mostly music students, but also those with guitars) towards stage crew and management. 2. To define the attitude of tech towards newbie, or junior tech.
1. The band was kicked out because the lead singer was sassing the tech.

2. No matter how much your lackey needs to eat a bag of dicks, no sassing.
by maddlang December 29, 2004
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1.Something a normie like you clearly couldn’t handle.
2.Cheeky attitude.
by Kaaaaaaaaarma June 03, 2018
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A northern Scottish word meaning the period before you go out with the person


Person 1: 'Are you and Lisa sassing?'

Person 2: 'Yes we've been flirting a lot recently. I think I might ask her out'
Person 1: 'Go for it man'
by Sassyqueen131 January 28, 2017
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(1). Bad or laughable fiction

(2.) Talentless hack, writer of bad fiction.

Can also refer to self delusion in regard to said fiction.

Can also be refered to as Persiflage

"You made a total Sass of that story"

"I'm sorry we can't publish your work, it's a total Sass"

Have you read his/her story. I can't tell him/her how bad it is he's a total Sass
by Avery T Deaken-Harry August 13, 2007
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