The coolest care-free chill fearless chick out there. often red-headed and Fiesty
"man have you talked to sass today?"

"I tried but she was givin' me to much sass"
by Lexsarae September 13, 2009
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When someone feels that their dick has gotten larger so they think they can back talk you.
Danny scored a goal and then gave me some sass when I told him to get a hair cut.
by GoSox127 April 26, 2015
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It's just like regular sex.. But soooo much better. Double.. Even TRIPLE the Orgasim sensation.
Ohhh man, I dont know about you.. But I think we should go make some Sass right about now..
by Alex January 19, 2004
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S.A.S.S. A group started by middle- schoolers at EMS in Silver Spring, MD. Because their new VP was violating their rights and responsibilities as students.
by look.at.all.the.lonely.people. September 01, 2011
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A term used to describe an individual's sexual tendencies at a given moment. It is especially attributed to the use of blatant sexual innuendos.
Watch that sass or I'll give you something to be sassy about.
by sasstastic July 17, 2009
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