acronym that stands for
Scandalous, Abbrasive, Seductive, Sweet. used to show a mixture of characteristics that is irresistible to everyone.
hot guy: i heard you got trashed at a party last weekend

girl with SASS:
yeah, i got drunk( scandalous)
So WHAT?!...(abbrasive)
well, it would have been a lot more fun if you would have been there(seductive)
cuz I love hanging with ya.(sweet)
by iluvsummer March 12, 2005
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Louis Tomlinson showed his gay sass when he stuck up his middle finger to fans because he was trying to sleep.
by Sassy Tomlinson July 03, 2012
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A New Zealand term which refers to the act of where which people smoke marijuana. Sometimes 'sass' is used for alcohol too.
"Hey man, Keen for a sass?"
"That was a mean sass"
by DukeFALILV June 10, 2009
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A person who believes speed limit signs are mere suggestions. They have an agenda everyone else merely forms an obstacle course.
Go on with your SASS
by ViciousV72 November 02, 2018
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(Sneak.Attack.Sac.Snatch.); the act of you get your sac snatched aggressively by someone.
Last night at the party everyone got S.A.S.S. (ed) by the cops.
by C-Moneyyy October 21, 2018
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