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The Deacy is a small, Germanium transistor amplifier which was made from an old speaker by bassist John Deacon for use by Brian May when recording multiple guitar parts on Queen albums. An important part of the Brian May Tone.
Many Queen songs use the Deacy amplifier, but one of the best is the song 'Good Company' on 'A Night at the Opera' where the jazz-band effect is actually created by Brian May playing many, many guitar overdubs.
by SpoonCabal August 29, 2008
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The famed last name of Michael Deacy, superstar swimmer at Fenwick High School. I swear, everyone wants to be Deacy.

The word Deacy can be used as a noun, referring to Michael Deacy, Deacy, a time period following A.D., Washington Deacy, the capitol of America, or one who commits a Deacy.

Deacy can also be used as an exclamatory word when one is over joyous or in great pain. Deacy is also a verb that has many meanings. In fact, and verb can be replaced with "Deacy" and be conjugated and make grammatical sense.
Go Deacy your locker, Deacy.
by MegamanTTEX December 07, 2010
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