A person who is a) unusually hairy or b) has extremely large feet. (Derived from the name for Bigfoot)
John's so hairy he looks like a sasquatch.

Mike just trampled me with his big ol' sasquatch feet.
by Albert February 14, 2004
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A hairy female who is notorious for smelling like uncooked pastrami. This creature believes that by bleaching its large thatches of facial hair it can pass somewhat as human. Has an irritating high pitch voice and has a slight gimp fromn having wild snoo snoo with wild gorillas.
"Damn! Lisa's is one smelly sasquatch."
by Paul January 11, 2004
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A nickname for Sam Winchester. Or, a tall hairy being that Sam Winchester is mistaken for.
1) Dean: All right, time for bed. Come on, Sasquatch.
2) Gabriel: Finally, a real sasquatch caught on film! W-wait a second....false alarm, it's just Sam.
by DESTIELFTW000 March 18, 2019
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An individual that has the ability to consume enormous amounts of drugs and still function as a normal human being.
James:Mom is Snoop Dogg a sasquatch?
Mom: most probably, why?
James:well fuck, I wanna be a sasquatch when I grow up.
by Tank.com October 04, 2018
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introverted bear; a hirsute homosexual male who normally would be identified as "bear" but doesn't go out socially enough to be identified as such.
Jack considered going to International Bear Rendezvous Weekend in San Francisco, but being a Sasquatch, he decided to stay home and crochet.
by neargoodness July 26, 2016
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the act of shaving ones pubic hair and ejaculating on a woman and throwing it on her. This is widely known as the sasquatch.
i have a lot of hair stuck to me since Jimmy did the sasquatch on me last night
by Mr.Cuddles July 10, 2004
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A white male, who’s name is Connor. Runs like the monster and is seen in the Pennsylvania area, playing football.
I saw Connor running!

Is that a sasquatch? No it’s just connor.
by COBALTBLUU May 20, 2018
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