To use the smart phone application "whatsapp" to chat with another person.
I gotta sapp chris !!
by jonomon May 11, 2011
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when someone gets in they feelings n starts singing songs dat touch their soul
jasmine acts like a dumbass n doesn't like to answer kei's phone calls so kei juss sapps all day
by kahving June 19, 2019
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verb. means to mess with, fight with, beat up, someone. Warren Sapp is the biggest football player.
instead of "I'm gonna f**k you up" (not 2 good in front of ladies) you can say "I'm gonna sapp you up!"
When Tom saw a dumbass flirting with his girlfriend he said," I'm gonna sapp you up!"
by Kelly Thomas April 12, 2004
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Noun. Origin: California, Bay Area
Slang originally meaning "highly-potent marijuana". Derived from "tree sap," which, like good weed, gets stuck to your fingers because it is so sticky. Spelling altered to honor NFL great Warren Sapp, who played four years in Oakland towards the end of his career.
"Hey man its 4/20, time to bust out the sapp."

"Be sure to use a grinder to break down that sapp because it will stick to your fingers for hella days."
by grammamammajamma July 15, 2017
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Internet law based on the observation that if a Republican and Democrat both do or say the exact same thing, the Republican will be trashed and the Democrat cheered
"Do you think that Hillary will be nailed for using Russian propaganda to try to win the election?"

No way- Sapp's Law applies
by Coyote1970 November 18, 2018
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A giant in the sport of MMA, has really never been in a boring fight on account of losing mostly every one via (T)KO in the first round.
Bob Sapp lost 12 fights in a row, that's impressive
by Fightfan January 17, 2014
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