A korean comic, some might call it manga, but that's the JAPANESE comic.
Example: I just read the new Manhwa, Demon Diary
by Valok September 16, 2005
The Korean (and better might I argue) version of manga. Unlike mangas, it can be colored or black and white so it isn't normally black and white + screentones all the time. Most of the top rated manhwas are... well they're a lot of kinky yaoi. Though there are many non-romance/non-yaoi manhwas.
Man I wanna read the manga of semantic error.
The fuck? It's a manhwa you big dope.
by koror June 21, 2021
The word meaning "comic" in Chinese and Korean.
I read this manhwa in less than two hours time.
by Dasalai August 20, 2003
mass produced garbage where theres a bully around every corner, and if there's not cultivation ,elixers, video game systems, and women ready to fuck everything that moves then your not reading manwha.
i havent seen the light of day for 6 years because Ive only read manhwa.
by March 10, 2022
Korean comics where the only thing the male protagonist does is get boned by a bunch of women and get hospitalized
Manhwas are not manga
by abbbbbbbbuf February 24, 2021
For something to be considered a historical manhwa it will usually:

. Be in the setting of lords and ladies
. Be a comic from South Korea
. Be in full colour
. Be written for the female audience
. Revolve around relationships
. MC may be a villainess
. MC will almost always have knowledge of events to come
. MC is usually incredibly attractive
. MC is constantly surrounded by attractive people
Calliope : bro i spent my entire summer reading historical isekai manhwas, i swear i pulled like 20 all-nighters
Dia: Yaaaa!
by Dia- August 18, 2022