11 definitions by TurboPhoenix

Be back very soon. Halfway between be right back and be back soon.
Hey man, I'm going out to get some lunch, bbvs.
by TurboPhoenix September 12, 2009
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This topic again. Used in forums where people continue to make the same topic over and over again.
N00b: OMGZ GTA IV delayed again!!!1!1
Proper user: TTA noob, look before you post.
by TurboPhoenix April 17, 2008
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An orgy that takes place 3 times with the same participants.
Hey Joe, ready for part 3 of the trilorgy tonight? I'm gonna nail Sandra in the ass!
by TurboPhoenix October 21, 2009
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Ahh, ok. Basically something people will say when they can't think of anything else to say. Can be used in place of lol and :P
Person 1: I'm gonna go to the movies with Tara tomorrow, should be good.
Person 2: Ahh k
Person 1: After that I think we'll go back to my place.
Person 2: Lol
Person 1: You know you don't have to respond to everything I say with something meaningless.
Person 2: Ahh k
Person 1: You're a douche, stop that.
Person 2: Ahh k
by TurboPhoenix October 18, 2009
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Smiley of a person flipping a table over, usually used as a response to a challenge of some kind, or just generally in anger.
Person 1: I will totally kick your ass.
Person 2: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Person 3: (╮¬.¬)╮︵ ┳━┳
by TurboPhoenix July 15, 2011
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To have half an erection.
*looking at cleavage*: "I've got half a bar right now"
by TurboPhoenix October 21, 2011
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DOA4 has the best BFX of any game to date!
by TurboPhoenix July 25, 2008
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