A person who pads a handicap or acts as if he/she is at a lower skill level than he/she actually is so he/she can achieve better during competition that's handicapped or by skill level.
That sandbagger said his handicap was 20 strokes and he shot 10 over during the outing to win.
by Justin1217 August 28, 2006
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In paintball a person or team of a higher level plays as a lower level team to win. Such as an Amature team playing a novice event.
"You fucking sandbagging pussys cant win any amature events so you have to play with us."
by Andrew Orde February 12, 2005
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A person whom consistently pretends to be able to do less work than she can so as not to have to work as hard.
Kristin and Lizzie, you both know you can bench more than that! Quit being a fucking sandbagger!
by baldnbeautiful February 20, 2010
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When someone drinks soda while others are drinking alcohol, pretending they are also drinking alcohol. They start drinking alcohol after the rest of the party is drunk and claim they can drink everyone else under the table....Sandbagger!!
Ex Dave T. drank coca-cola classic until 9pm, what a sandbagger.
by SuperDave68 September 01, 2006
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That wise old backpacker that starts last in the herd of young bucks but at the end of the day(especially cross-country routes) is somewhere up front. With his pack off. Smiling.
The grizzled old ex-marine, an experienced backpacker, trailhound, fearless treader, cross-country conjurer,
welcomed the boys(who called him a sandbagger) into camp late that afternoon.
by whasabe November 06, 2007
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The guy who doenst knock when he has the good card when we play 31 during dejeuner at the depot. If you sit in the bush, you are a sandbagger, and Dum Dum will let you hear about it for all the days. Espesh if you have the jaques de jour, you are a sandbagger if you sit in dats bush.
"Mr Gauthier, you are a sandbagger, Handy, you are sandbagger, fuck you all you are all sandbaggers and Rollands stop standing be inds moi"
by Jose Tay Dore December 10, 2004
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In grappling competitions, a sandbagger is known as somebody who fights down his/her normal skill level in order to get easy wins.

For example: A grappler who has an intermediate skill level (2-4 years experience) will decide to drop down to fight in the novice or beginners divisions in order to sweep everyone out of the division and win the gold.
Wrestlers are usually the ones that sandbag, but other grapplers do it as well.

Regardless though, sandbaggers are pussies and should be beat for their bad deeds. :P
by Striker122 March 01, 2010
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