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A really cool beach town located north of San Diego. Encinitas is known for it’s beautiful beaches such as Moonlight State Beach, Cardiff State Beach, Leucadia Beach, D Street Beach among others. It is full of hippies, surfers, stoners, drug enthusiasts and vegans. Encinitas lies between two lagoons to the north and the south.
Imma hit the waves this weekend up in Encinitas.
by Southbayshake October 28, 2019
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A great city in California. In Ventura County right next to the border of LA County, Thousand Oaks is quiet and peaceful. Thousand Oak has many parks and had zero gang activity as of 2015.
by Southbayshake December 1, 2019
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Celebrity homes, million dollar estates, country clubs, private roads, parks, ocean views, wide open spaces
Rancho Santa Fe which is in North San Diego is the nicest neighborhood in California... possibly better than Beverly Hills.
by Southbayshake November 29, 2019
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An urban Wild West in California. People here live far below the poverty line. Don’t go here. All that can be seen is meth labs, mullets, and tweakers. San Bernardino is also one of the most dangerous cities in California. It is also hot as hell here.
I got shanked by some tweakers yesterday in San Bernardino
by Southbayshake September 9, 2020
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A man-made island in the works off the coast of Delray Beach, Florida. It is supposed to be finished in 2025, where they will build high-rise resorts and condos for tourists and rich retired people. It will reportedly house around 9,000 people.
Many rich New Yorkers will live on Leisure Pointe, Florida.
by Southbayshake July 16, 2021
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