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the verb to forgive, in Arabic, in its form of the present of the imperative. I.e. it is an order, as in: FORGIVE!

Ya ahl el Samah, ya bakht men Sameh,

It is a song that means, "to those of you who believe in forgiveness, lucky is the person who forgives"
by SES October 23, 2007
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A guy who possesses a charming sense of humor, and that is very charismatic. Cool to be around and fun to argue with.
by Omar Shehata January 04, 2018
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A short midget who's calls other people names that no one understands the meaning of. He's also a great actor, starring in movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate factory as an umpa-lumpa; also as one of Snow White's seven dwarves. Aside from his acting career he also has a natural talent in dancing, which really showed when he was recorded playing Just Dance with his friends at a sleepover. And he's also pretty thicc.
*guy comments on how big a girl's butt is*

Friend replies "But she's no where near as thicc as SAMEH."
by twink678 June 09, 2018
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Definition of autism. Does not realize the fact she gets bullied everyday by her friends and hides the fact that her gender is female and is the biggest retard in history
by former fng member May 04, 2019
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Sameh Is a person that is goofy and he has sense of humor and he fools around to much and gets in trouble a lot
Sameh Got In Trouble By His Teacher And His Mother Had To Pick Him Up From School
by Fluid June 01, 2019
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