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English slang 4 a person from El Salvador, or a person of Salvadorean descent. An off tha hook group of people.ALso the 5th largest Hispanic group in the U.S.
Salvi's r off the hoooooooook. Somos chivos y cheveres y decimos puchica. Si vos, asi es!
by Josueezi September 16, 2003
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an American English slang for a salvadoran individual from El Salvador. Either a Salvadoran-American or of Salvadoran descent.

Mostly used in Los Angeles, DC, or other high volume concentration of Salvadoran inhabitants.
Example: Not mexicana, not boricua, I'm salvi fool.

We love pupusas, say puchica for everything y para adios we say "salu pues."

So Salu pues from one salvi female...
by Karla (Salvi from L.A.) May 31, 2005
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Is that mami Mexican? No she a SALVI homie.
by josueezie August 16, 2003
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Salvi is a guy who likes playing violin. He's got a long neck so the violin can fit perfectly and he won't get hurt during his marvelous perfomances
That guy looks like a salvi, but I wanna hear how he plays first
by YobroYobroyo October 09, 2019
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This term was invented in the United States to refer to someone from El Salvador. It shortens the ethnic identity term "Salvadoran." Although many American Salvadoran youths use this term, not all Salvadorans identify with the word "salvi," simply because it is tasteless, borders an ethnic slur, and disfigures the official ethnic term of Salvadoran.
"Eww you're a dirty salvi?" - chicano

"Nicknaming a person by disfiguring their ethnic identity term can be offensive, such as referring to someone as a 'jew,' a 'jap,' or even 'whitey.' Many Salvadoran Americans choose to be recognized as purely Salvadoran; nothing less."
by Flor de Izote July 24, 2020
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