When your sneakers are worn with no socks on and your feet sweat making them stink like a salty stank dog
Damn son the whole movie theater can smell those salty dogs
by Eddie O Spaghetti O July 13, 2009
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saltydog; noun.

1) Fat, bald, pie eating spammer

2) Alleged sex offender
1. "Dude, don't be such a saltydog, leave some pies for us".

2. "Cris you Saltydog, leave those girls alone"
by Nikolas Wipeout May 09, 2005
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Someone who sweats gravy and bleeds milk.
Damn, Jerry really needs to stop eating brownies and playing kickball. He's acting like a Salty Dog
by Ming the king February 28, 2012
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North Jersey slang for letting a girl give you a blowjob after you have ALREADY had sex with another woman WITHOUT washing your dick first
That girl is such a pig! After I banged Renee, I drove over to Sherries place and gave her the Salty Dog!
by A REAL Cugine April 22, 2008
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In the mid Illinois region such as any area between Chicago and Joliet this word is used to define an individual after he/she does something stupid, ridiculous, or embarrassing.
Cue your friend forgets his wallet at home.
You say ah you're a Salty dog.
by JxTwin June 09, 2009
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An individal seasoned by their experience who does unscrupulous things.
When the sherif walked onto the crime scene and looked upon the masacre he expressed:

"This is the work of a salty dog, they ain't no squirrely amatures."
by Michael Burt January 16, 2007
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a man usually between ages 16-65 who has so much self confidence, they believe they can get with any girl by A- making cat noises , B- trying multiple times to make a move and get denied EVERYtime , C- touch a girl in her "private" area when it is clear he is unwanted , D- texting her at 3 in the morning saying "yo can I come over?" , E- being too honest and saying , things like "you have a nice a*s" or "lets f*ck tonight".
ME - That guy is sucha salty dog, he text me at 3 last night asking to hang out.
FRIEND 1 - woww he texted me too!
FRIEND 2 - no way he called me last night!
FRIEND 3 - he asked if i was DTF
by Rachelx2 Hailey Steph Robyn December 29, 2008
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